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    Why associate with Fovera?

    • Fovera Orthodesign Pvt. Ltd. is a tech-startup recognized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.
    • Fovera is led by a team of IIT Madras who believe in cutting edge technology
    • In similar category, Fovera is the best-selling and highest rated brand on Amazon India
    • Our products are well researched with finite element analysis, anthropometric data, and ergonomics.
    • We have a well-equipped manufacturing unit
    • Committed for 60 days love it or return it policy for customers.
    • No compromise in quality of core product, covers and accessories.
    • 100% refund/replacement guarantee on damaged goods
    • Better margin, service, and support
    • More Innovative rehab-based products are in pipeline.- 100% refund/replacement guarantee on damaged goods

    How to get a Dealership?

    Just fill out the form given at left side or simply write to us at

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